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Trial Consultation

“The legal system’s need for forensic consulting springs from certain limitations in the role of the expert witness. The forensic consultant works behind the scenes to identify and train useful experts, to neutralize the effectiveness of the other side’s experts, and to develop a perspective on the relevant scientific literature that attorneys can pursue to their clients’ advantage. Forensic consulting is an invaluable resource for trial attorneys in civil and criminal cases."
             -- from Drogin, E. Y. (2010). Forensic consulting. In I. Weiner & W. Craighead (Eds.), The Corsini encyclopedia of psychology (4th ed., pp. 678-680). Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. 

Dr. Drogin regularly participates as a forensic consultant across the full range of pretrial, trial, and postconviction proceedings in both civil and criminal cases, based upon experiences gleaned from 30 years of service as an expert witness and his authorship of over 300 legal and scientific publications to date.